Antibiotics Commitment | How We're Taking Action on AMR

Antibiotic Commitment

Antibiotics are key to treating infections in humans and animals - there are no alternatives to treating life-threatening bacterial infections. The world has recognized that antimicrobial resistance in humans is a challenge that costs lives.

Our vision is a world where veterinary antibiotics are used responsibly to protect and treat animals, and where they maintain their value as a therapeutic tool. An equally important challenge is maintaining and increasing food safety and security. To address these interconnected challenges, companies and organizations commit to five principles and practical actions, and will proactively encourage others to embrace them.

We promote the use of antibiotics for therapeutic reasons. Under the adage “as little as possible, as much as necessary”, we will continue to promote responsible/judicious use by providing clear labels and good technical advice.

We recommend antibiotics be used under veterinary supervision where available. In countries that lack veterinary capabilities, imposing this requirement before addressing the shortage of veterinarians condemns animals to unnecessary suffering.

We will increase our efforts to encourage investment in better access to veterinary care. We actively contribute to the promotion of responsible use principles and practices in national responsible use coalitions.

Supporting Actions:
  • Creating GRAM (Guidance for the Rational use of AntiMicrobials), a comprehensive, 500-page global guide to responsible use created by independent experts. The guide improves diagnosis and treatments while providing key advice on managing resistance.
  • Training veterinary medicines users in responsible antibiotic use supported by detailed product labels outlining dose, withdrawal periods, and more.
  • Investing millions in the next generation of responsible veterinarians through scholarships and grant programs.
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These actions are just a sample of the work done across the animal health industry to support responsible antibiotic use. To learn more or to find out how to become a Commitment signatory, contact us.


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This Commitment is supported by organizations representing over 200 companies and 700,000 veterinarians worldwide.

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