Celebrating the History and Contributions of Vaccination

For the 1 billion people across the globe who are dependent on livestock, vaccines mean the protection of productivity and livelihoods. For pet owners, vaccines allow us to share our homes and our lives with healthy animals.

HealthforAnimals and the World Veterinary Association created World Animal Vaccination Day to raise awareness about the vital role these tools play in protecting the health of animals.

And by extension, how vaccinations protect the health and economic well being of the millions of people around the world who depend upon them.

On April 20th each year, World Animal Vaccination Day celebrates both the history of this indispensable veterinary medicine and the vital contribution vaccines make today.

In the centuries before the first vaccines, catastrophic disease outbreaks were a regular occurrence. Farms were under constant threat and many thousands of animals – including our pets – suffered needlessly.

The arrival of animal vaccinations gave farmers and pet owners a way to prevent illness and protect the welfare of their animals.

Today, they have save untold lives, and with three quarters of all new and emerging human diseases originating from animals, vaccines are key to limiting the future spread of infectious diseases from animals to people around the world.

Vaccines can also play a central role in the global response to antimicrobial resistance; the prevention of disease is one of the most effective ways to reduce the need for antibiotic treatment and preserve these essential tools for future generations.

World Animal Vaccination Day is an opportunity for the animal health community to spread the message about these essential medicines.

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