The animal health industry researches, develops and delivers medicines and vaccines both for companion animals and food-producing animals.

It is a dynamic and innovative sector delivering quality, safe, and effective products for the prevention, control and treatment of animal diseases.

The 10 largest animal health companies invest an average of 12% of their sales into research and innovation activities, a total amount of about $1.6 billion every year.

The animal health industry’s success in providing animal health solutions to society depends on its in-depth knowledge of both cutting-edge technologies and classical veterinary science to innovate and keep up with the animal and human health challenges of new and emerging diseases. Experts estimate 60% of all human diseases can move from human to animal and vice-versa (i.e. zoonotic). In fact, over the past three decades, approximately 75% of new emerging human infectious diseases have been zoonotic.

Research and innovation are, therefore, of vital importance to the animal health industry to fight new diseases that threaten both animals and humans as well as to provide new or improved production technologies for food animals, such as food safety vaccines. Climate change, the emergence of new diseases, and changing bacteria or viruses demand that our industry constantly remains at the forefront of research and development to find new, efficacious medicines and products.

HealthforAnimals provides a voice for the industry in order to allow businesses to operate in an environment in which they have the confidence to invest in the development and marketing of new products and technologies to address the needs of animal health.

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