Labeling Medicines | GS1, Abbreviations & Pictograms

Labeling Medicines

  • GS1 Markings on Animal Health Products

    A unique identification for animal health products provides the opportunity to differentiate throughout the supply chain and is a pre-requisite for the traceability of Animal Health products from production to application. It increases products security and give logistic advantages in the warehouses.

    HealthforAnimals has agreed on a unique worldwide identification guideline for Animal Health products. This guideline has been developed as a requirement, so that, when and where product identification is required, there is consistency in the use of a data structure worldwide.

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  • Pictograms and Standard Abbreviations

    Pictograms and standard abbreviations are often used on packaging and labelling of veterinary medicines for a number of important reasons:

     Reduce the wording that needs translation;
     Facilitate the use of multi-lingual packaging;
     Facilitate the improved availability of veterinary medicinal products in small markets;
     Improve legibility and immediate comprehension by the end-user.

    Download images, best practices, and other materials for using pictograms and standard abbreviations on veterinary medicines.

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