About Who We Are

HealthforAnimals represents the animal health sector: manufacturers of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and other animal health products throughout the world, as well as the associations that represent companies at national and regional levels.

HealthforAnimals is a non-profit, non-governmental organization representing companies and industry associations from developed and developing countries.

The animal health industry provides value to society by protecting animals and as a consequence, humans, from diseases. Our products help keep pets and food-producing animals healthy. The public health benefits we bring include safer and more secure food supplies, more efficient production for increased food supply, improved sustainability, and prevention of the transmission of zoonotic diseases.

HealthforAnimals is led by Executive Director  Carel du Marchie Sarvaas and is headed up by President Marc Prikazsky, CEO of Ceva Santé Animale.

HealthforAnimals is an international non-profit organisation registered under Belgian law based in Brussels, Belgium.

What is HealthforAnimals’ role?

  • To foster a greater understanding of animal health; and the importance of the ‘One Health’ approach (the inter-connection of animal health, human health and the environment)
  • To promote a predictable, science-based regulatory environment that facilitates the supply of innovative, quality products into a competitive market place. These products contribute to the supply of safe, healthy food, and to high standards of health and welfare for animals and people.

What does HealthforAnimals do?

  • Act as a unified global industry voice in dialogue with major international bodies (OIE, FAO, WHO, Codex, WTO, etc.), governments, animal health stakeholders, food industry partners and consumers.
  • Encourage and assist the development of predictable science-based regulatory processes and standards where authorisation and approval to market for animal health products are firmly rooted in a thorough risk-benefit analysis.
  • Promote international harmonisation of testing requirements for animal health products to facilitate the availability and delivery of new and innovative products worldwide.
  • Act as a source of information on the benefits of animal health products for animal health and welfare, food and safety and public health.
  • Actively promote the value of research-based animal health products developed to the highest standards and authorised according to the regulatory criteria of quality, safety and efficacy.
  • Ensure the availability of all classes of veterinary medicines and animal health products to the benefit of animal health and welfare, and promote their responsible use.
  • Provide expertise on emerging diseases and fulfil its role as part of the solution to control these diseases in animals.